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District Announcements
Aug 15 - Email address in Skyward Needed
Attention Ball-Chatham Parents/Guardians
If you’ve not done so already, please access your Skyward account and add your email address so that the District can send you important information throughout the year, such as bus scheduling, emergency alerts, etc. Thank you!

Aug 15 - GMS Marching Band News
GMS Band Night at the High School Changed to September 26
Please note that the Glenwood Middle School Band will be marching at the September 26 GHS varsity home football game. This is a change from the originally scheduled date of September 5. Come out and support the performance of the GMS Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. Dennis Marcotte!

Aug 15 - Driver Safety Reminder
Driver Safety in School Zones and in Parking Lots/Drives
Illinois law states: When approaching a marked school zone on days when school is in operation and children are present, a driver must discontinue wireless/cell-phone use, reduce speed to 20 mph, and stop and yield the right-of-way to any children or adults in the crosswalk area. In addition, drivers are reminded to obey the regulatory or guide signs in our parking lots, as marked. This is especially important for the safety of our children as they are being dropped off before school, or picked up after. Finally, please remember that all traffic must stop while school bus “stop” arms are out and buses are loading and unloading students – including all school facilities, roads, drives, parking lots, etc. By law, drivers are not allowed to pass a stopped school bus when the stop arm is displayed.
Thank you!

Band Boosters Looking for Sponsors
The Glenwood Band Boosters is actively looking for sponsors for its First Annual Mouse Races at Glenwood High School to be held on October 10.  If you are interested in sponsoring our event and advertising your business, please contact a band member or send in the sponsorship form.  We appreciate all of your help and support!

Attention Parents/Guardians
School Schedules/Classroom Placements Up on Skyward!
School schedules and classroom homerooms can now be accessed on Skyward! Also, if you’ve not filled out your student’s bus schedule form, please do so now by clicking the following link:

From Let’s-Get-Together.com

1.  Make sure your children know their education is top priority for you as their parent. Nothing is a better predictor of student success than parents who care! Talk about school each day. Let your priorities show. Your attitude toward school attendance, education and involvement in the school makes a strong and lasting impression.
2.  Even though teenagers have busy lives, they still need routine as much as possible. Set aside quiet time to encourage regular homework/study routines. Reduce distractions by turning off TV, cell phones, and video games. Good concentration usually requires a quiet place, a clean desk or table, good lighting, and perhaps someone to help nearby for questions.
3. Encourage “personal best” in school and at home. Remember “personal best” does not mean “perfect.” Avoid comparing your children with each other. Different children will have different strengths and interests.
4. Praise them generously for effort and good study skills, not just high grades. When bringing up the negative, give specific suggestions on how to do better: (for example, read the assignment when it’s given, proofread material to catch errors before writing a final draft, review notes before a test)
5. Keep extra spiral notebooks, colored pencils, poster board, flash drives, etc. so last minute projects are still possible to complete.
6. Help your child dream for the future. When they feel like talking about it, ask for details of their dreams. Asking “which college” or “what job seems most interesting” can help your teen form concrete goals either about college, technical training, or career choices. At this point, giving them something to aim for is more important than the specific job or career choice.
7. Encourage reading for pleasure. Students need to read to learn, and parents can encourage and model leisure reading at home. Even reluctant readers can increase their vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling skills if they find something enjoyable to read.
8. Communicate with teachers by e-mail whenever possible.  It is so much more convenient for teachers to respond on prep hour or after school than to be called to the phone with students needing their attention.  It also makes it easier to gather information before they respond to you.  Teachers appreciate parents who are informed and involved.
9. Teachers are pretty reasonable people!  If a conflict should arise, remember the teacher may be able to offer a different perspective to help you understand the situation fully. Contact the teacher first.  Then if no solution can be reached, an administrator or counselor may be a valuable resource. 
10. Finally, remember the end goal is for the students to learn responsibility, learn HOW to learn, and gain a DESIRE to be a life-long learner!

Hope you’re doing something fun to enjoy your last few days of summer!!

2014-15 District Calendar

District Events Calendar Now Available
The 2014-15 District Events Calendar is available by clicking here! Please keep in mind that dates and times of events are subject to change throughout the year, and new events could be added. After the new school year begins, please check the calendar on your school’s website regularly for confirmation.

Fees approved

Fees Approved for 2014-15 School Year

The Ball-Chatham Board of Education recently approved the fee structure for the 2014-15 school year. 

  • K-4 Registration Fee - $130
  • 5-12 Registration Fee - $155
  • K-12 Technology Fee - $25
  • GHS Student Parking Fee, Grades 9-12, $60
  • Driver’s Ed, $250
  • GHS Dual Credit,  $50 (per class)
  • Athletic Fees, $100 (1 sport) $150 (2 sports); $300 (for a family) 

Student Breakfast and Lunch Prices (Per Meal)

K-12 Breakfast, $1.50
K-6 Lunch, $2.25
7-12 Lunch, $2.50
Milk, $  .40

School Announcements

Students can walk their schedules and open their lockers
August 12-14
4-7 pm
Please, no visits outside of those hours
unless an appointment is made through
the Counseling Office
GMS Guides will be available to assist students and
to answer any questions

 The Glenwood Middle School office will close
Friday, June 13, 2014 and
reopen Monday, August 4, 2014

First day of school will be
Wednesday, August 20, 2014


GMS New Entrance Opens
Monday, May 18, 2014

Students, parents and visitors will be required to enter Door B, the far east entrance of the front of the middle school when entering the building. Visitors will be required to show identification before being allowed entrance thru door B. Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our students and staff safe!

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In order to ensure that students are following staff directives and to further facilitate student safety, we have changed the end-of-day release. Our new procedures are as follows:

·               All students who participate in extra-curricular activities, walk home, or are picked up from school will be dismissed at 3:32 p.m. 
·               Students who ride a bus home from school are to stay with their ninth hour teacher until an announcement is made that their bus has arrived.  
Please know that students are being monitored so that they have enough time to go to their lockers, get their materials and get to their buses on time.  We appreciate your support in relation to these new procedures.

SWAT Update:  Survey shows that GMS students can answer the following questions:  What should you do if you feel that someone is not respecting you?  What should you do if someone tells you to stop?  What should you do if you see someone else who is not being respected by another student?


School and District Information:

GMS 2014-15 Supply List

GMS Course Book

GMS Student Activities

GMS School Lunch Program

2013-2014 Student Handbook

GMS Newsletter

Ball-Chatham e-Bulletin


Regular School Day hours are 8:29 a.m. - 3:32 p.m.
Students can be dropped off after 7:45 a.m.


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